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"I have tried many CBD infused products to help with with my pain, but I have never found one that works as well as SoulSea! I use the topical as well as the drops to ease my back pain, as well as my Carpel Tunnel syndrome in my hand, I am so thankful for the well thought out natural ingredients inside. I can use with ease knowing there are no harmful chemicals or toxins inside. I can't believe the positive impact these products have had on my life. Never taking Advil or Ibuprofen again! Couldn't reccomend these products more! Thank you SoulSea!!"

Michelle Noris Customer

Back in March Mila had put a jar of salve into my hand. She had made it the day before. I have been struggling with deformed toes since my big toe was amputated in 2012 due to a long lasting skin infection that never went away completely. The tendons of my toes were permanently cramped, swollen and the skin coarse. I had the jar laying around for a while until my birthday in April 27th when I took a day to care for myself and I applied it on my foot. I think I heard my foot asking for it the next day and the day after. I skipped a few days here and there, but I noticed the difference it made in alleviating my cramps. This became a routine despite my difficulty to establish routines in my life. I experienced the long years of swelling of my toes gradually receding in 4 weeks of continuous use twice a day. The choppy coarse skin was nearly back to normal. I had applied it on a bad blistery sunburn last weekend on my back and it had saved my skin from peeling. Now I rely on the salve to maintain suppleness of my joints in the process of realigning the deformation of my toes. I am very grayeful to Mila for her gift had brought back my dwindling will to lovingly care for my body.

Zsolt Szalay Customer

This is the Miracle Salve!! CBD Herbal Healing Salve is my go to for everything! I mean everything: Its my remedy for cramps, sore muscles, tension headaches. My saving grace from having to take pain killers and muscle relaxers. I've used it in place of massage oil after a hard workout- my friends and loved ones are major fans. I've even healed my dogs foot from an infection (I have before and afters). I've used it on scars in place of Neosporin and have seen it works significantly better than a synthetic antibacterial- leaving my skin looking new with minimal signs of scars. It has even solved my TMG problems. Yes! I struggled with jaw problems due to tension in my tendons, and this miracle salve literally soothes my pain almost instantly- and has saved me pain, money, stress, and visits to see an Acupuncture Dr regularly. I've had everyone try. Thanks to this Herbal Fairy everyone from my mother, doggie, friends, loved ones, and strangers have tried it.

Linda Garbriela Customer