Nature Goddess Retreat



Costa Rica February 22nd-28th 2024


Costa Rica February 22nd-28th 2024

Enter the gates of the inner Ocean of your Being.

Drop after drop

The Divine nectar drips into your Heart.

Here we meet. Here we abide.

Here we discover ourselves.

The ever orgasmic creation of Life

Pulsating through You.

The Sacred Tremor of Shakti ~ Energy is Here.

In your Power Goddess!


This Is For You If:

You are desiring sisterhood and deeper connection with the feminine ways

Wanting to connect more profoundly with Nature/ The Earth/ Pachamama, the elements, ritual, sacred and intentional ways of engaging with life

Looking to be more in your authentic expression, communication, voice, creative flow

Ready to break down any boundaries and limitations of the mind, fears, doubts, unworthiness, playing small

Craving nourishment, deepening in self love and care, Mind- Body- Spirit

Feeling the call to be more in your receptive nature, to let go of control and allow to be guided towards your freedom of Being

Want to unleash more of your wild and free nature

Ready to access deeper states of pleasure, ecstasy, joy, wellness

Desire clarity, to live more in your intuition – body-heart-womb connection


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