My Dharma is to support the awakening of humanity

My Dharma is to support the awakening of humanity, of who we truly are. To activate the freedom, joy, creative and authentic expression.

Walking each other Home.

Awake in the dream.

Dreaming Awake.

Coming into Union with the Soul and Human. Feminine and Masculine Energy. 

Shadow and Light. Full spectrum of Life.

Alchemy. Wholeness. Holiness.

Embodiment and Integration.

Self Love As The Foundation Of Wellness.

Walking each other Home. Awake in the dream. Dreaming Awake.
Holistic approach. Soul~Mind~Body connection. Living ~ in communion with the Now presence.

Living ~ in communion with the Now presence. Full spectrum of existence. Denying nothing, welcoming everything. In Love.

In stewardship to the Earth and her ways of communication and remembrance. Working with Nature’s elements, rhythms and cycles. Prayer and ceremonial ways.

Now Offering

Private Sessions

Individual Sessions:

90 minutes

30 minute(free discovery call)

3 month

Embodiment & Integration of Soul Essence ~ Living in Purpose and Clearing What’s on the Way of This Freedom.

Flexible Scheduling:

Choose a time that fits your lifestyle, with options for different durations to accommodate your needs.

What can we bring forth in your Life?

Creating a foundational base of Well Being ~ Mind, Body, Soul.

Connection with your Intuition, Nature, Inner voice, Purpose, Life Force Energy, Creativity and Inspiration.

Unconscious and subconscious reprogramming. Shadow and Light work.

Emotional Maturity – your awareness operates, even during the most profound emotional states. The capacity to feel and be with your emotions, understand them and alchemize them in ways that are supportive for you and your life. Moving from reactivity to responsibility (Response Able)

Epigenetics clearing. Releasing parental and ancestral imprints within your DNA and cells structure. Embracing the shadow fragmented parts in loving compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Ability to live from the Heart, make choices that are in alignment with your joy, your passion, what feels good uniquely to you.

Awareness of energy, establishing a sovereign state of Being from your environment, which supports you to be deeply anchored in your authentic expression and your gifts that are meant to be shared with the world. Interdependency. Anchoring Presence.

How can we support the anchoring?

Embodiment practices – meditation, breath, movement, dance, authentic relating, somatic energy work.

Inner Child Work ~ accessing the root cause of the patterns, triggers, emotions, belief systems that come in the way of your true authentic Being to express itself.

Unconscious ~ Subconscious ~ Conscious reprogramming to align you with your Soul and the wisdom of your Heart.

Dream work, Shamanic Journeys and Visualizations.

Plant medicine – working with herbs, and other plants (if open) in a deep ceremonial way, that will bring synergy into your well being, support misalignments, help improve the functioning of your body and energy as well as your connection with Nature and your inner Nature.

Plans: Beginning the journey : Weekly

Going deep: 3 months – Once a week 120 min session plus support on the side with herbs and guidance.

Online or In Person (Currently in Austin, TX)

Open to travel upon request.


SoulSea Botanicals ~ From The Earth, With Love

SoulSea Botanicals Story

My story with the plants is a story of coming home into the heart, my remembrance of who I am, in deepening my connection with the earthly body as a sacred vessel from where the Divine is operating through. In the awakening of my connection with Nature and me as Nature herself.

When I first came into communion with the herbal allies I had already been in practice of meditation, while also working with Santa Maria(cannabis). My experience with meditation to this point was more on a level of up and out of the body type of connection. Later to realize, that was a type of an escape I would engage in from this life and physical reality. Later to find out, it is all about down and in the body integrating and grounding. Awakening.

In 2016 I joined the “The Gaia School of Healing”(Topanga, California), now named “School of The Sacred Wild” and my teacher Marysia Miernowska (born in Poland) was the catalyst of incredible transformation and wisdom of activation that keeps pouring into me to this day. My first initiation into Ceremony, Prayer and Ritual space was here too. Every time we gathered, we sat in a circle, called in the elements, Spirit and the ancestors, invited the plants into us, sat in meditation with them, and journaled the messages we would receive. I haven’t experienced to this point such a sober internal clear communication with another “thing” within my awareness and being. The different herbs I would invite, would give me messages about my body, emotions or mind. They would take me on a journey, sometimes appearing in different forms than what they actually look in the physical – in a form of a person, or an animal, different messengers to play with my imagination. This is where my imagination was activated in ways I haven’t felt since I was a child. I felt so receptive and open. So much would come through, and when we would share with each other in the circle of our “journey” in meditation with the herbs and ourselves there would always be a common theme, energy or messages.

They often will show in the same chakras in the body as different plants indeed carry different energetics to align and tune us up as tuning forks. The first two herbs in our first two days together took me back into my birth place Bulgaria. This was also the first time I felt a spiritual connection with my roots and ancestry. Lots of firsts here. The first tea took me onto the streets of my grandparents’ village, I knew this smell so well, I was teleported to my childhood and the sweet essence, aroma that was for me when I played freely out. The plant embraced me, like a warm loving hug. Later to find out it is Linden – the trees grow in abundance in Bulgaria.

Second herb was and Is to this day my most dear ally – the Rose. Bulgarian (Damascana) rose too, vibrating at the highest frequency of all plants 320Mhz. There is a huge Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria where they grow, gather them and extract the essential oil. One drop of this is the sweetest, ecstatic Heart atonement to me.

My Story

of Beauty

Welcome to the discovery of your True Essence... Intentional living with deepening connection of oneself and the environment. Return to Love.

I was born in Bulgaria, at the end of the communist days. Still within the ripples of the collective of this old country with its long history of wars. My childhood was most cherished as I played outside until dark, spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ villages in nature and around animals. There was always an abundance of fruit trees and bushes, where I can pick fruits and vegetables all day long. It wasn’t until later in my adulthood I was reminded of the preciousness of this time and my desire to create a similar living environment in the future. I moved and followed my parents in 2005 to Los Angeles, CA. Big culture shock and change, as it was my first time leaving Bulgaria (haven’t even traveled to other places in Europe prior to this). I remember those late teen years into my early twenties as a continuous exploration of the hole I felt inside of me. Living in Los Angeles, the most common question upon meeting someone was “What do you do”. I felt lost in trying to fit in for a while until I gave all of that up. My experience with psychedelics such as mushrooms and cannabis opened up my world of remembrance, as simultaneously I was taken on meditation practices. The capacity to observe the mind and the feelings while being able to connect to something greater and beyond this, guided me into the seeking of who I truly am, beyond the veils of what I have learned from parents and society. I was 18 when this initiation happened and continued in my 20s as I also sat with ayahuasca medicine. I began the exploration of the self where it almost became an obsession for a while. The way I’d observe and view everything I see as a mirror, reflection, teacher for me. In constant communion with my inner thoughts, feelings, sensations. At first it was almost too much to bear and I used meditation as a type of escape to connect with the higher realms of light and feeling good, which later shifted to being fully in the present moment, fully in the body with all of its information running through it- pleasure and pain, shadow and light.
“Dance saved my life” is a thought that has come across my awareness many times. I have danced as long as I remember and thanks to movement I was able to connect more to the joy, play, creative expression of life, in the midst of all of this deeming down in many moments in life. The deeper I went into my self exploration the more I released how much depressed, suppressed, not belonging, not wanting to be here energy was in my body and belief systems. I became my own teacher and student by spending a lot of time in solitude to hold space and feel all of this suppressed emotions. I learned how to become my own mother and father, holding the child in me- that has always been there and doesnt ever ultimately leave. I’ve had very few teachers through the years, even though I also see everyone as my teacher. The ultimate paradox. I studied reiki and how to receive and be more attuned to the energy field and its healing capacity when connected with intention. In 2016 I attended an herbal apprenticeship at The Gaia School of Healing, where Marysia Miernowska changed my life as she brought me close to Nature’s communication, ritual, ceremony and prayer. I learned how to listen, truly listen. I listened to the plants and in this I listened to my own inner world, my own heart, intuition and the formless realms. This initiated my deeper healing, self love and connection to remembrance of my true nature. I used to have chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, menstrual debilitating cramps, anxiety, depression, fear of communicating. All of this has been transformed in ways beyond my imaginings. The plants have played a major role in it. In 2017 I went to India on a pilgrimage and this unlocked deepening devotion, union with the body and higher consciousness. Music, sounds, and mantras were introduced in my world. More prayer, not in a dogmatic form, in a way that praises, brings gratitude, reverence and communion in the heart. I have practiced yoga- asana since I was 18, yet this trip took everything to the ancient times of remembrance. There I also got in touch with Ayurveda (the oldest medical system) as I developed a deeper understanding of digestion, food combining, care of the organs, and physical body. It helped me bring more harmony and balance to my state of being and wellness in a very approachable, integrative holistic approach I use to this day.
As all of this was happening the feminine in her archetypes was coming to me in stronger ways too. Sophia, Isis, Mary Magdalene kept showing up on my path in different ways. I was simultaneously connecting with the Hindu goddesses – Kali, Lakshmi, Tara. I was incorporating buddhist, hindu and christian archetypes and teachings into my inner transformation. Started remembering more from my childhood too, where before I barely had any memories, as if deep suppression of amnesia had washed over me. I remembered the trauma, that I keep witnessing and holding in love to heal, while I also was remembering my magical ways of communication in the unseen realms. Faeries, voices, spirits were very much part of my world, especially the night time and my dreams. Mysticism, esoteric ways were becoming more alive in me as I have grown to open more and more to them with trust and safety. I’ve had many hardships, that just pushed me to leap into the unknown, to surrender to the great mystery. Any situation that shows up as fear has been my guiding star to walk to this path and transcend it into the wisdom that carries. Beyond fear, into love and understanding. Any wound, shadow, uncovering the gift- golden nuggets for me to share. In moments of the deepest heartbreak, have also been the moments of the greater expansion that have taken me on the path of new horizons. Where now I have given up the seeking, and I have arrived in the Being. Nothing outside fulfilling a hole, in fact no longer a hole to fill as my connection to God Goddess, Source, Creation Universe – I am here embodied in this body, as an all encompassing feeling of wholeness. I am not the person I have been or even I was months ago. I am constantly changing, evolving, remembering and returning to love as I surrender to life to guide me in the ways my authentic expression is meant to flow. In the last 3 years I have come to facilitate spaces for women and men. Personal and private as well as group and community. Healing, tools of self awareness, yet I also have come to know it is all about holistic approach and that everything is an integral part. All systems must be incorporated to help each other the mind-body-spirit connection to function properly. The body is a temple that we must nourish on all levels, as it is impermanent, yet moves us through life and brings us closer to our true essence if we choose to take this path.

My vision is to bring education and sustainable ways of coming together within communities and creating spaces of love and healing, gardens to grow food and medicinal herbs, temple homes etc. My goal is to bring awareness to the collective of ways to empower each other and our sovereignty, while we deepen our connection as we come together in community and we steward the Earth, where the future generations can actually live off and thrive on a system that is sustainable and set on a secure foundation.
I naturally began guiding people on the path as that has been my own natural expression and daily focus for as long as I can remember. Bringing presence to the body, quitting the mind, returning to the breath, feeling the emotions that come and go so they can release, unraveling the subconscious patterns that create limitations of belief systems in the mind. Awareness, consciousness, beyond the mind, into the heart.
My heart’s desire has also naturally evolved in holding or creating such spaces for individuals or groups to come together. Rising in wellness, in connection and authenticity, in listening to our intuition, inner voice to feel, be and live on purpose. Nothing outside of us can fully fulfill us in my experience as long as we haven’t internally tended to ourselves, our self love and nourishment, filling our own cup in this secure strong connection, to then be shared with those around us in return. For this energy to keep amplifying, expanding, evolving and creating the New Earth. The change we want to see, starting with us.